To Brainy Brats, our electrifying English Isle, we welcome one and all.
We have something for you whether you are big or small.
Honing your skills in spoken English or learning how to write
Here you can master the Queen’s English and become brilliant and bright!
So get ready to gain confidence and shed all your inhibitions
Brainy Brats equips you to realize your lofty ambitions.
And would all this really help if we are not humanly?
Brainy Brats has designed a character curriculum so prudently.
Our English Isle also burnishes your personality and gives it a sheen.
What are you waiting for then? Aren’t you already keen?
To write as well as speak the global language impeccably…
To speak confidently in addition to writing impressively…
To have a charismatic plus captivating personality…
To do away with humdrum words and ubiquitous banality…
If the answer to that is a resounding and reverberating YES
Then Brainy Brats is sure to expedite your PROGRESS!