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Leaves from Nikash Bhavnani’s Diary…


October 25, 2015


Even though I slept late last night, I was awake at the crack of dawn because I was excited about going to Switzerland. My sister and I helped Mom in the last-minute packing. We all will be flying Swiss Air late in the night.

October 26, 2015

Switzerland, Zurich.

Even though the flight was long, it was very comfortable. I watched an exciting movie on the flight by the name of Kungfu Panda 2. We landed in Zurich and on the first day itself we visited the gigantic Rhine Falls. There in the middle I saw the magnificent rainbow. It was the loveliest sight I have ever seen. Then we walked down the cobblestoned streets and enjoyed the pleasant weather. It was an enjoyable day!

October 27,2015

Switzerland, Zermatt.

Early in the morning we took the Eurail to Zermatt. It was extremely cold there. We went up to the Matterhorn peak, which was completely covered with pristine white snow. I enjoyed attacking my sister with snowballs. I was so tired that I quickly hit the sack.

October 28, 2015

Switzerland, Interlaken.

The most difficult thing was to get up in the frosty morning to head for Interlaken. The city is named ‘Interlaken’ as it is built between two huge lakes. Then we went up to the top of Europe, Jungfraujoch. I used all my energy to climb the enormous Alps as high as I could. The air up there was biting cold and my teeth chattered uncontrollably. It was a day of chills and chatters!

A letter to a principal convincing her to extend the recess time.

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Dear Ma'am,

I am writing this letter with a hope-filled heart and the expectation of being heard with an open mind. I strongly feel we need a longer duration of recess for some really valid reasons. Firstly, the recess allows us enough time to relax our grey cells after using them continually in class. Secondly, the current break permits us enough time to only gobble our food down without actually chewing it. Lastly, an extended duration of break will help us indulge in an elaborate discussion related to academics and maybe even our personal lives.

You are well aware of how challenging our IGCSE curriculum can be. With constant exercising of grey cells, our minds tends to become saturated. A slightly elongated break will give us a much-deserved breather and help us return to our classrooms revitalised and rejuvenated. Moreover, we just realised the importance of chewing food for the right amount of time when we studied human digestion in depth. We understood how hazardous it could be if we fail to chew our food and simply swallow it. However, the short recess allows us only enough time to eat speedily without chewing appropriately. At this rate, we will soon have a bunch of kids with a host of digestive problems in our school.

Last but not least, the importance of bonding with our friends cannot be underestimated. We can indulge in mutually beneficial discussions if only we had more time to express our opinions and become aware of our friends' viewpoints. There are times when we would like to share some personal moments with our friends and strengthen our bond with them.

I understand it is not going to be easy for you to extend our recess timing. However, if you take all the aforementioned reasons into consideration, you will be in a better position to empathise with us and make the necessary changes to let us enjoy a few more minutes of freedom with our friends while safeguarding our physical and mental well-being.

Your obedient student,


A letter to a friend convincing him to join your swimming class.

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Dear Arush,

I heard you are interested in joining a swimming class this summer vacation. I have been attending a swimming class in Renaissance Club for the last few months. I have numerous reasons why you should consider joining Renaissance too. Firstly, the coaches at our club are efficient and eager to help at all times. Secondly, they rush to our rescue without a second thought. Thirdly, the cleanliness of the pool is maintained on a daily basis when all the budding Michael Phelpses have retired for the day.

Most coaches in Renaissance are gold medalists who have received accolades on national and state levels. They are absolutely competent coaches who never step back when any of us require their assistance. In fact, just the other day when one of the fellow swimmers gulped in large amounts of water and spluttered helplessly and hopelessly, the coach on duty became his knight in shining armour. In my opinion, the hygiene of a pool is of paramount importance. Not only is the pool well-maintained but also the levels of chlorine are absolutely appropriate to serve as a disinfectant as well as avoid too much stinging of the eyes.

I trust my letter has successfully convinced you to follow in my footsteps and join Renaissance swimming class. We are sure to transform into experts swimmers while having our share of fun together.

Optimistically yours,


A letter to your parents convincing them to bring home a pet dog.

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Dear Mom and Dad,

I strongly believe we should adopt a pet dog and I have several reasons to make you see my point. Firstly, it is an established fact that a dog is a man's best friend and can dispel feelings of loneliness and gloominess. Secondly, a pet dog can help kickstart the process of exercising by making a stroll mandatory for us at least thrice a day. Isn't that a piece of healthy news for people like us who desperately need to inculcate the habit of walking daily? Lastly, a pet dog does wonders for the safety of our abode and keeps it burglar free.

I would like to jog your memory here. Do you remember my podgy friend, Arnav, who was ostracised by his friends for being overweight? Bringing a pet home worked like a charm to enhance his personality and make his flab melt away faster than ice cream. When Tycho came to Arnav's house, he only brought untold joy and happiness. Arnav began his day by taking him out to answer the call of nature and this exercise helped him knock out quite a few kilograms in just a few days. Furthermore, Arnav has been exceedingly occupied in constructive ways. He doesn't have an idle moment as he has taken on the onus of bathing, feeding and training his pet dog. Last week, there was a burglar who tried to break into Arnav's house. Tycho scared the burglar out of his wits with his menacing barks and growls. I am sure the burglar must have made up his mind never to go anywhere close to a house having a pet dog!

Mom and Dad, I completely understand your fear of dogs. But I hope you can see how bringing home a dog can turn Rachit and me into two responsible and health conscious human beings. Moreover, a dog will not only fill our homes and hearts with abundant happiness but also make our home a safe, burglar-free haven for us.

Yours expectantly,



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I woke up at the crack of dawn when the forest was engulfed in darkness. I stretched my muscular limbs and stood up. My majestic wife, Hazel the tigress, and my two adorable cubs were in a deep slumber. I decided to go for a long walk to exercise my muscles. My wife had begged me to be extremely cautious while walking in the woods because a devious hunter had murdered many of our relatives. I had promised her that I wouldn’t take the risk of going near near the callous, stone hearted humans.

I felt greatly refreshed after my stroll and went back to my lair after drinking some cool water at a nearby river. My handsome striped cubs boisterously jumped on my back and asked me to teach them how to hunt. My magnificent wife and I taught our precious children how to walk stealthily, crouch and wait for our prey to come closer. We would then pounce on our prey! We hunted a dappled deer together and greatly enjoyed our scrumptious meal.

When we went back to our den, we frolicked with our young ones till they fell asleep. I was bursting with happiness and wished to give my family a special treat. I decided to pay no heed to the vow I had taken and was determined to bring a mouthwatering human meal for my loved ones. I noiselessly walked towards the camp, which was set up right in the middle of the forest. I courageously made my way into one of the tents. Suddenly, a man swung at me with a searing hot pan and scorched my poor nose and whiskers! I was exceedingly distressed because the pain was so unbearable. I escaped into the jungle and went straight to my cave. My affectionate wife reprimanded me and tended to my burns. My injuries caused me so much suffering that I couldn’t stop howling for hours! My dear wife brought me some rabbits to satiate my hunger. We then ate to our hearts' content and hit the sack. After this disaster, I made up my mind to never break the promises that I made to my loved ones.


Keisha Santwan

Dear Daddy,

I'm writing this letter to thank you for being the best dad in the whole wide world. Happy Father's Day, Dad! Thank you for always pampering me abundantly and always giving me everything I need and want.

Dad, I'm aware that you work extremely hard and that you may not be able to spend as much time with us as you'd like, owing to your frequent travel. But I deeply admire the fact that you ensure that every weekend is reserved for your family.

My favourite part of the week consists of guffawing at your hilarious jokes and watching thrilling movies. You've also helped me develop an appreciation for English songs - both new and old. Listening to these foot-tapping numbers with you fills me with utmost pleasure. I also want to thank you for helping me learn how to swim. Earlier, I would splash about in the pool with a float and now, thanks to your assistance, I don't need it at all!

However, you're not just an indulgent dad who fulfils my every wish. When I have committed any errors in the past, you have firmly asked me to mend my ways. I admit that this has upset me on many an occasion, but I remind myself that you are only admonishing me to make me a better human being. Dad, I promise you that I will turn over a new leaf and make you exceedingly proud someday!

I love you, Dad!

Your affectionate daughter,



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Dearest Genie, I'm hoping that you can grant me a marvelous, one-of-a-kind watch that can change the weather according to my whims, for my first wish. This extraordinary watch would undoubtedly be helpful for me. Whenever my friends and family are having a frolicsome time in our backyard and the torrential rain threatens to diminish our fun, I could whip out my remarkable watch and transform the weather from pathetic to pleasant!

My second wish would be a drawing book. No! I don't want a run-of-the-mill sketchbook. I consider myself to be a connoisseur of art and I would love to possess an enchanting book in which whatever I draw, comes to life! If you present me with this phenomenal book, I will draw glamorous gowns for myself and feel like an uncrowned princess when I don them.

For my third wish, I would like to receive a flying carpet. This is because I'm exceedingly concerned about the rapidly deteriorating state of our environment. I wish to reach any destination without depleting non-renewable resources such as petrol. The other advantage of this wish would be that I can zoom blissfully through the cerulean sky, surrounded by the chirruping birds and fleecy clouds, without having to deal with any tiresome traffic!

Sofia’s Bed

By Malishka

One freezing evening, Sofia tucked her cuddlesome teddies in bed and wriggled in beside them.

“Good night, sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” Her Dad said chirpily.

“Good night, Dad,” said Sofia sleepily as she looked at the twinkling stars and soon drifted into a deep slumber.

Just then her bed murmured, “Left, right, hold on tight. We’re off to the land of fairies tonight!”

Sofia woke up with a start and rubbed her eyes and asked, “Who is that?” 

“I,” chuckled her bed as it leapt up and hollered excitedly, “Here we go!”

Sofia’s bed turned and with one twist transformed itself into a carriage and soon Sofia found herself dressed as a princess. She was over the moon as her carriage sped past the cities and towns and brought her to a magnificent town called ‘The Flower Top Town’. This town was a home to many Lilliputian lasses who worked industriously. Sofia was utterly impressed by their diligence and dedication. She ran towards them to introduce herself and shake hands with them. The moment she shook hands with a Lilliputian lass, the lass took her by surprise by transforming into a fairy. One by one all the Lilliputian lasses turned into fairies as Sofia shook hands with them. The most beautiful looking fairy walked up to Sofia and introduced herself as Glitterpond. She effusively thanked Sofia for coming to fairyland and transforming the lasses into fairies with the shake of a hand.

Soon Sofia’s bed appeared to remind her that it was time for home. Glitterpond gave Sofia a glittering chain with her photo in a pendant as a souvenir. Sofia thanked the fairies and leapt onto her magical bed. Soon they reached Sofia’s home and the bed landed on the floor with a THUMP. Next morning when Sofia woke up, she thought the visit to fairy land was a dream. But when she was wide awake, she found Glitterpond’s chain around her neck. She shut her eyes and thanked Glitterpond for the magnificent memento.

Off to Scrumptious Land!

By Kabir Masand

One stormy night, my bed suddenly turned into an aircraft. Whish… Whosh… Whish… Whoom… and we were off to Scrumptious Land. The sun above us shone magnificently as it had turned the colour of a ripe, golden yellow mango. The people in Scrumptious Land were dressed up in noodle dresses and pizza hats. Their shoes were studded with the colourful ‘Gems’ that made me gape at them in wonder and amazement, not to mention the desire to gobble them down. The Scrumptious Land folks truly looked scrumptious! There was a band that belted out soulful tunes and stirred me from within. I couldn’t resist swaying to the lilting music and soon found myself dancing ecstatically till my legs ached. The king of Scrumptious Land arrived in a chocolate carriage and invited me to join him. The castle door was made up of large chocolate slabs and welcome drinks, refreshing juice squeezed out of lime, were served in tall glasses. The garden of the unique land had a one-of-a-kind fountain from which there was an outpouring of coke. There were vibrantly coloured lollipops in place of flowers and the marshmallows served as stools. The king invited me to a finger-licking feast and I ate to my heart’s content. Bursting at the seams, I lay on my bed all ready to drift into a serene slumber. As I lay on my bed I found a chocolate medal around my neck. It was the most breathtaking medal I had ever seen and I couldn’t resist the temptation of biting into it and going ‘Ummmmmmmmm….’

Divya’s Bed

By Divya

Last year on Christmas Eve, as I lay in bed waiting to slip into a deep slumber, I heard a sound that startled me. I was not only shocked but also scared. As I wondered who it could be, my mother walked in looking all pretty. My mother comforted me and sang me a lullaby, “Night, night, sleep tight. Don’t let Jack Frost bite!” crooned Mum. As I looked all bewildered, trying to figure out who Jack Frost is, I heard another sound. My mother shut the door behind her and walked out. There was an unmistakable whisper that said distinctly, “Left, right, hold on tight. We’re off to the land of dreams tonight!” It was my magical bed and it took me to the land of dreams. As soon as I reached the land of dreams, I noticed a jotter. This was a special jotter and had all the addresses of children. Suddenly a man walked up to me along with two of his assistants. He then introduced himself by saying, “Hi my little friend! I am Jack Frost and I make beautiful patterns on the windowpanes. I also nip everyone’s noses during cold winter nights. Meet my helpers, without whom my jobs would never reach completion.” I shook hands with all three gentlemen and they informed me that they needed my help to paint the windowpanes of all the children whose names and addresses were in the jotter. I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and readily helped them paint all the panes with frost. Soon it was time to return home and my bed landed with a thump in my bedroom. As I stirred, I realised that I was in my bed. I leapt out of my bed to see a beautiful pattern on my windowpane. So we had really painted the windowpanes last night I said to myself and got ready to flaunt my windowpane to my family and friends.   

A Leaf from Hrishitaa Mody’s Diwali Diary

By Hrishitaa Mody

We left our hotel early in the morning and set out to watch the magnificent City Palace. We were spellbound to see the king’s and queens’ bedrooms and sitting rooms. The guides gave us a lot of information about the royal family. We returned to our hotel in the evening – just in time to catch sight of the magnificent sunset. The beautiful sight warmed the cockles of my heart! It was a tiring but thrilling day!

A Leaf from Sia Garg’s Diwali Diary

By Sia Garg

I woke up in the morning and helped my mother tidy the house. Then after freshening up and having a bite, I sat down with my books. My dad put in a timely appearance and informed me that we must not touch our books and pens on Padiwa. I jumped with joy at the prospect of having a book and pen free day. I indulged in all the fun-filled activities. Finally when it was time for the orb of day to begin its journey westwards, my cousins and aunt joined us for a delectable dinner. The speciality of the day was ‘Annekoot’ – a dish of 15-20 vegetables prepared by my ingenious mother. We all ate to our hearts’ content and felt satiated. 

A Leaf from Priyanka Brahmbhatt’s Diwali Diary

By Priyanka Brahmbhatt

We had been to the annual Diwali fair today and were absolutely mesmerized. We were utterly dazzled by the lightings and paintings that were put on display. When we returned home, we had truckloads of extraordinary things with us. What a wonderful day it was!

A Leaf from Aashna Unarkar’s Diwali Diary

By Aashna Unarkar

Today was a pleasant day as we all went shopping for my sister who was to leave for her school trip. We had fun shopping to our hearts’ content. However, I began to feel a pang of sadness as she was about to leave. We returned home feeling exhausted and yet gave her a hand at packing her bags. Soon it was time for us to leave for the airport. We all drove down to the airport to drop my sister. She was overjoyed to embark on this journey. However, I bid her adieu with a heavy heart.

A Leaf from Anushree Kagalkar’s Diwali Diary

By Anushree Kagalkar

Today was my birthday, a day I was eagerly looking forward to. We had a Barbie theme party at home. All the girls came dressed in Barbie attires and the boys arrived in Ken clothes. Our home was adorned with Barbie cutouts and Barbie fashion accessories. We had organized some thrilling Barbie games. My favourite game was ‘Dress Up Barbie’. We ate the scrumptious snacks prepared by my mother to our hearts’ content. We had rented the DVD of ‘Barbie Princess Charm School’. All of us became couch potatoes and enjoyed this film. The party was over and so was the fun!

Leaves from Diya Ranawat’s Diwali Diary

By Diya Ranawa

My dad had planned a surprise trip to Dubai and soon we were at the Dubai airport. In no time we were on our way to Snow World. We enjoyed a lot on all the slides. There was a Penguin Show which cast a spell on me. The bewitching show struck a chord and I was left utterly speechless.

Today we traversed the huge malls of Dubai and the majestic Gold Skull. We shopped and shopped till we were ready to drop. Late in the evening, we visited the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. When we reached the 168th floor, shivers ran down our spines.  

Leaves from Diya Ranawat’s Christmas Diary

By Diya Ranawat

Today was the day for the much-awaited and well-known Sentosa Island. We were all agog to indulge in celebrations galore and create some indelible memories. The magic of Christmas coupled with the enchantment of an eagerly anticipated New Year made my heart burst with delight. It was a breathtaking experience witnessing the ‘Song of the Sea’ show.

Wanting to make the most of the last day in Singapore, we visited the magnificent Jurong Bird Park. The entrance of the park was adorned with multicoloured orchids. We watched the peach flamingos, the white flamingos, the vibrant macaws, the beautiful feathered peacocks and large beaked hornbills with open-mouthed amazement. We bid adieu to Singapore with unforgettable memories.

A Leaf from Saina Udeshi’s Diwali Diary

By Saina Udeshi

I woke up at the crack of dawn and got ready to leave for Delhi by train. As the train left the station, it was time for sunrise. The splendid sight of the rising sun made my eyes sparkle with delight. We reached Delhi the next day after a long journey by train and checked in at a luxurious hotel called Hyatt. After freshening up, my parents took my sister and me to some famous markets in Delhi for shopping. We purchased many gifts for all our family and friends back in Mumbai. My parents bought some beautiful materials for my sister, Vamika, and me too. I was very tired and was eager to go our plush hotel room and hit the hay.  

A Leaf from Arnav Darekar’s Diwali Diary

By Arnav Darekar

Today was the second day of Diwali, ‘Laxmi Poojan’. My mother made a special meal of Pooris and Mango Shrikhand. She also prepared Shankerpali just for me. In the evening, Dad worshipped his gold coins and money and prayed to Goddess Laxmi to stay with us forever. I thoroughly enjoyed lighting the firecrackers after the pooja. 

A Leaf from Aditya Parameswar’s Diwali Diary

By Aditya Parameswar

I got up at the crack of dawn and had our customary oil bath. Then I put on the traditional clothes that my parents had purchased for me. On this day, we celebrated the victory of good over the evil. We performed the Diwali pooja and ate all the delicious sweets. In the evening, we packed our bags for a fun-filled holiday to Nainital. I was all geared up for a rejuvenating five-day trip to this peaceful hill station.    

A Leaf from Shaurya Shetty’s Diwali Diary

By Shaurya Shetty

My aunt took my cousins and me to KidZania today. We had a pleasurable time choosing from more than sixty establishments to role-play. I chose Air KidZania and slipped into the shoes of a flight attendant as well as a pilot. We went to many other establishments too and role-played as customers, inventory managers and cashiers. Even though I expended all my energy at KidZania, I still had some energy left to play with my cousins and friends once we got back home. I spent a few days with my aunt and cousins at their home. The time spent with them was indeed memorable!

A Leaf from Ananya Mehla’s Diwali Diary

By Ananya Mehla

I woke up feeling excited this morning as Diwali was finally here! My mother gave me the traditional oil bath in the morning. Then we watched Iron Man 3 on our surround sound home theatre. My mother prepared a lip smacking lunch for all of us. Even though our bellies were ready to burst, we couldn’t resist eating the scrumptious sweets all through the day. I wore my new dress and got ready to soak in the spirit of this festival of lights.

A Leaf from Vyom Achapalia’s Diwali Diary

By Vyom Achapalia

I met all my cousins today. Since it was Diwali, we decided to have a get together and celebrate this fun-filled festival of lights. I wore my spanking new clothes and shoes. We all headed to Khar Gymkhana for a musical evening. There were live songs at the get together by all famous singers. The food was utterly scrumptious and I had an enjoyable time eating and playing to my heart’s content. 

My Magical Bed

By Sia Garg

It was just another night when I was enveloped in my warm cozy blanket. As I turned to one side of the bed, I saw a canopy of the inky blue sky studded with twinkling stars. I wondered what was happening and sat up on my bed only to have the shocking realization dawn upon me that my bed was flying. I was shocked, even though not terrified. I heard a gruff voice emanating from under my bed and it struck me that it was my bed speaking with me. It said, “Sia, have you understood that I have magical powers?”I smiled and nodded while my bed went on to say, “I am taking you to a magical planet to meet my family and friends.” It was indeed an amazing experience. Soon we were at the aptly named planet, ‘Magico’ as everything about this planet was magical. There were innumerable tall black hats, crystal balls, sparkling magical wands, pink-earred bunnies, white doves and really long handkerchiefs. My bed took me to his mum who was a huge tree. The tree confided in me that just one branch of her body that fell to the ground was enough to fashion the bed – my magical bed!


I felt sorry for my bed that he had to stay away from his mother. But he allayed my regretful feelings by declaring aloud that he loved to be my bed.


Suddenly I felt something familiar ringing loudly in my ears and was quick to comprehend that it was my morning alarm. As I stretched out my arm to grasp it, I found myself holding a magical wand. It wasn’t a dream after all – it was a secret adventure with my bed!

An Autobiography of a Book

By Amar Master

I am a thick book with a bluish cover bearing the title and the name of the author in bold letters - James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl. The author of my book is renowned and penned my story in the same room where he penned another popular book called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


After my creator penned the story and gave it the finishing touches, he sent the manuscript to the publishing house and that is where I saw the light of day. Soon I was sent to a book store where I was launched with great fanfare. There were many books on the neighbouring shelves and I befriended a book named The Wind in the Willows. My new friend left no stone unturned to entertain me and I really began to enjoy her company. But soon we had to part ways as a boy came, flipped through my pages and instantly bought me. I was heartbroken as I had to say goodbye to my friend. The boy and I made friends, however, and I began to enjoy the gentle feel of his fingers. He read five chapters on the very first day and carefully put me on a shelf after marking the page with a bookmark. I was so proud of him for having used a bookmark and not making dog ears. The next day he carried me in his school bag and read through my pages during the free period. He took very good care of me.

I have made many friends with comics, educational books, fairy tale books and other storybooks. Now I am perched on the topmost shelf of my owner\'s bookcase and do entertain him even now when he is in the mood to go to a fantastical land. I have been having a comfortable life and here I lie, passing my days in deep contentment.

My Magical Bed

By Viviana Jashnani

It was my summer vacation, a period of time when I have the luxury of slipping into a deep slumber whilst playing with my cuddlesome teddy bear and ravishing Barbie doll. As I heard, ‘Good night, Sweetie’ with my eyes closed, I realized my mother had tiptoed into my room to wish me a rejuvenating sleep and also to turn off the lights. Just when her words faded out, I heard ‘Let’s go!’ I was aroused from my deep slumber and instinctively asked, ‘Where?’ without even knowing the source of the sound. Later I realized that it was my bed that had spoken. I was flabbergasted that my bed could speak and soon found out that it had acquired magical powers as it turned into a magical carpet and flew out of my bedroom window declaring that we are off to Party Land. I couldn’t contain my excitement and screamed, ‘Yipee!’ In the twinkling of an eye, we reached Party Land, a wondrous place that was decorated with balloons and streamers. It was truly a splendid place to be in! I set eyes on a chocolate cake that had gooey chocolate dripping along its sides. I took a slice of the succulent cake and savoured it as it melted in my mouth. Just as I enjoyed the taste of the cake lingering in my mouth, I spotted a clown with a painted face and a pompom on his nose. He beckoned me to play games with him and I ran in his direction without a second thought. He took me around Party Land and showed me the singing room and the dancing room before finally leading me to the playroom. I jumped for joy as we reached the playroom and we played to our hearts’ content. Soon I heard my bed whispering to me that it was time to get home. I jumped onto my bed-turned-carpet and in the blink of an eye landed with a bump in my bedroom. As I woke up in the morning, realization dawned upon me that my trip to Party Land was indeed a delightful dream that had come to an end.

Leaves from Aarif Fatiya’s Diwali Diary

By Aarif Fatiya

I received my pocket money today and was keen on spending it for some good work. Later I realized that it was the first day of Moharrum. So I decided to donate my pocket money for ‘sabils’. Sabils are pots containing drinking water which are put up everywhere in the month of Moharrum. I asked my parents for permission and they were overjoyed to know about my decision.

As soon as we woke up, my brother and I rushed to give our donations. Soon the ‘sabil’ was built and ready. I felt elated after doing a good deed. After our contribution to the good work, we went to our aunt’s house for dinner. The exhausting day came to an end soon and I thanked God for showering His abundance upon me.

Today was the 8th day of Moharrum. We prayed in the morning and then distributed cold rose flavoured milk to the little children. The day was spent in drinking and distributing the refreshingly cold milk. Later, we went to my grandmother’s house to have dinner. After a hearty meal, my brother and I accompanied my dad to the masjid to offer our heartfelt prayers. We all offered ‘Namaz’ and were given sweets to eat. I was terribly tired.

Today was the 10th and last day of Moharrum. It is called ‘Ashura’. This was the day when Imam Hussain, Prophet Mohammed’s grandson, sacrificed himself for Islam. We mourned for him and prayed to God. I was brimming over with curiosity to know what had exactly happened in 600 AD. But Mum said that I am too young to understand. I will be patient, my dear friend.

A Visit to Pushpa Narsee Park

By Aditi Shenai

Last Saturday, my mother and I visited Pushpa Narsee Park in the evening. As soon as I entered the park, I was greeted by the cool caressing breeze. The sight of the trees swaying in the breeze filled my heart with great delight. There was a fountain in the park through which water flowed out in a beautiful pattern. All the children flocked around the fountain to watch the wonderful water fountain. As we grinned from ear to ear, we heard the deafening sound of horns coming from outside the park. We realized that there were annoying traffic jams outside the park and the drivers honked furiously. Poor traffic cops were trying their best to clear the congestion. I tried to focus on the beautiful sights in the park. Many butterflies, bees and birds fluttered their wings joyously. I felt peaceful as I looked at them. We played in the park to our hearts’ content and soon it was dark. We realized that it was time to go home and soon set off homewards. I really look forward to visiting Pushpa Narsee Park once again!