Our kids are part of Brainy Brats for four years now and the journey is still continuing. We have seen tremendous improvement in our children's vocabulary, confidence and out of box thinking abilities.
It's often difficult to establish a great student-teacher relationship. However, as parents we believe that its important for a teacher to be able to teach in variety of ways and we experienced this with our kids' learning process. 
My children's Brainy Brats teacher is a friend, guide and philosopher to every child in her class. She has been amazing and effective in keeping the class engrossed in discussion and debates. 
But the best of all is that our kids are motivated by the star rewards, student of the month and student of the year awards. It not only brings a sense of pride, but also a healthy competitiveness among the kids.
Thank you, Brainy Brats, for tirelessly imparting knowledge, being compassionate, kind and loving towards our children, we genuinely treasure it. 
Wishing Brainy Brats all the best!



Brainy Brats' dedicated staff and teachers go the extra mile to ignite the love for the English language in our children. Our children have begun to use new, impressive words in the English language in the correct context (which, according to me, is extremely important). Apart from enhancing their vocabulary and helping them write their school essays beautifully, Brainy Brats has also refined their elocution, voice modulation and facial expressions. My daughters are utterly confident when it comes to public speaking and I feel like their overall development has been taken care of by the Brainy Brats team. Hats off to you, Brainy Brats! 



As a professional educator, I constantly interact with numerous children who go to a plethora of English Enhancement classes. However, in my opinion, the children groomed by Brainy Brats are indubitably a cut above the rest. The transformations in their handwriting in a mere 8 day span never fails to astound me. 'Kavita Magic', I call it! The Creative Writing programmes serve to augment the academic requirements of international schools. Brainy Brats' carefully crafted methodology is truly worthy of praise. Kudos to Ms. Kavita and her team of competent teachers for doing such a commendable job.



Every summer, when my nieces come down from Kolkata, we make a beeline for the Kemps Corner branch of Brainy Brats. My nieces excitedly wait for summers because they thoroughly enjoy the Brainy Brats workshops. The teachers are very warm and welcoming and their classes seem like a breath of fresh air in a country like India, where education is still imparted in a banal way to the children. Their concepts are truly FANTASTIC and unlike anything we’ve seen before. My nieces have attended the spelling workshop, creative writing workshop as well as the handwriting workshop. The spelling workshop helped them become independent spellers while enhancing their vocabulary by leaps and bounds. The creative writing workshop helped them write more interesting essays and has sparked a love for reading as well in them. Recently, I also forwarded the Reading List that has been compiled so beautifully by Brainy Brats to them and they have also become avid readers! I also have to mention the Brainy Brats handwriting workshop TRANSFORMED their handwriting IN JUST 8 DAYS! Brainy Brats, you are just MAGICAL!



Having been fortunate enough to wade through the pools of our beloved English Isle – looking back at my decade at Brainy Brats all I can feel is immense gratitude.
Gratitude for having found a teacher, mentor and guide in Kavita Ma’am. Saturdays soon stretched beyond the realms of linguistics- charting waters of inference, imagination and most importantly honing a sense of individuality – for each one of us were truly her “bachas”. This sense of belonging fundamentally fed into Brainy Brats’ holistic approach to language development with an emphasis on personality right from the outset. My time here was defined by my teacher- and now armed with a team of exceptionally gifted teachers as fiercely passionate about the language as they are invested in their pupils, Brainy Brats is a must-see on the archipelago.
They say growth happens beyond one’s comfort zone – yet I never felt more at home than staring at the spines of the pristine encyclopaedias that adorned the walls as new chapters of learning awaited me each week. I’m grateful for being a part of Brainy Brats not only because it gave me a literary bent of mind but also because it inculcated within me a love of continuous learning and there are truly few greater joys.



Brainy Brats is not just a run-of-the-mill class, it's an extraordinary experience, a chance to dive into the beautiful world of English, a journey full of fun! And I get the privilege to live it once every week! 
The creative writing class is like embarking on an awe-inspiring escapade in the enchanting world of English. My brother and I cherish every second of it and try to assimilate as much knowledge as we can from the nurturing and educative atmosphere of our favourite class. Our teacher is just like the Sun in the colossal galaxy of stars, helping each child-planet grow day by day to reach unprecedented heights in his or her life! Their way of teaching English is so unique and enjoyable that any child will fall in love with the subject in the blink of an eye. It not only helped me discover my love for the subject but also opened me up to a whole new world of innovation and ideas that I was yet to explore. The individual attention given to every child makes us feel important and we try and give give our best to our beloved teacher who works so industriously for us.

This journey is indescribable and you have to experience it to realise how amazingly marvellous it is! After having experienced it, we can also ecstatically declare that we have climbed several rungs of the ladder of success through a crucial component of Brainy Brats - Personality Development. The most important purpose of our life is to have a good personality and character and Brainy Brats just ticks this checkbox too in the list of essential ingredients needed for a stupendous learning experience. So.... I excitedly wait for the day that you step into our marvellous world!
So what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets for the most amazing experience of your life!



Several people have quoted Kashmir as 'Heaven on Earth' but to me it is Brainy Brats that can rightly be called 'Paradise on Earth'. Every week I looked forward to going to The English Isle in order to garner some invaluable knowledge, exercise my grey cells and also to hone my personality. 
Brainy Brats is more than just those four walls that enclose such an affectionate atmosphere. It is a place where one's imagination gains wings and discovers unprecedented ideas within. The meticulously curated poems, the worksheets that provide an infinite supply of vocabulary, the thoughtfully chosen personality development sheets as well as the stimulating discussions are enough to entice anyone to enter the class and imbibe the cornucopia of knowledge it provides. I feel privileged enough to have been a part of the Brainy Brats family and being one of the beloved "Bachas" taught by Kavita Miss, Shweta Miss and all the other teachers.
As I look back at my journey at Brainy Brats, I feel delighted and also grateful to all those who have made my journey at Brainy Brats such a memorable one. Even though my journey at Brainy Brats has come to an end I can unquestionably say that my experiences at Brainy Brats will be eternally etched in my mind and also that our love for each other will blossom as the days pass.



Brainy Brats took an introverted child and turned him into a gregarious and charming young man. They helped me turn my thoughts--which bounce around in my mind like kittens in a candy floss machine--into clear, elegant writing that others enjoy reading.
Kavita miss' conscientiousness and her insistence on teaching through kindness helped me grow. More than a class, Brainy Brats is a unique approach to learning; one that forces you to really think and challenge yourself to overcome hurdles to scholarly success. I wouldn't trade the time I spent here for the world and I would go back to class in a heartbeat if I could. Thank you for some of the most memorable years of my life!



At the end of every Saturday, I feel abundantly satiated and euphoric due to the fact that I have garnered immense knowledge. Every Brainy Brats class of mine is not just any monotonous session, but a getaway to the vast and rollicking world of English! Brainy Brats is not what I call a run-of-the-mill, lacklustre class, but on the contrary, my experience with their remarkable way of teaching and the warm-hearted staff has proven to the hilt that Brainy Brats is truly exceptional. Every Saturday I am all agog to burgeon my ocean of knowledge here. Brainy Brats helps one improve in all branches of English as well as in Personality Development. One can commence their journey to improve their English with a tabula rasa. Going for these wondrous classes has indubitably enhanced my vocabulary and writing skills. Not only has my English catapulted to unprecedented heights, but also I have been morphed from a diffident to a confident person. I consider it to be a privilege to come here. So book your tickets to a frolicsome destination— Brainy Brats, the English Isle! Thanks for all your concern and support and oodles of love to you Brainy Brats!



Over the last few years, I have been an ardent admirer of Brainy Brats. I have interacted with numerous students who have had the privilege to attend this esteemed institution and their formidable diction leaves me SPELLBOUND. Apart from being utterly articulate and confident, the pupils of Brainy Brats are exceptionally polite and well-behaved. Clearly, Brainy Brats' holistic programmes are nothing short of magical!

The teachers of Brainy Brats with their sagacity, interminable patience and compassion, are truly a class apart! 
Kudos to Brainy Brats for meticulously moulding young minds!