What could be better than making a toddler take baby steps into the world of English language development? To give your child an edge over their peers, we have conscientiously crafted Conversation Courses that your child can take up as early as 3 years.


‘Artists in Action’ is designed to improve Junior Kindergartners’ Conversational Skills in Queen’s English and hone the artists within them. During the course of this programme, we help our Brainy Brats recite poems rhythmically and expressively. Our Brainy Brats also learn to converse in complete English sentences. They are taught to construct sentences that are grammatically correct, simple and understandable. Furthermore, we enact the scene / story to make the process of learning more enjoyable and entertaining.


The Conversation Enhancement Programme involves interactive sessions with Senior Kindergartners as well as children in class one and two, thus helping them blossom and at the same time getting them to converse in the Queen’s English. The children also undergo training in Speech Enhancement, which helps them become confident and fluent speakers.