Brainy Brats® came into being on May 1, 1999 and was conceived and conceptualized to make it possible for children to fall in love with the English language. Idiosyncratic as it may be, English is only gaining more momentum with each passing day and has certainly become the global tongue. Our aim is to prepare our Brainy Brats to face the challenges of the world head on. Thus, we equip them with techniques and talents, vocabulary and values as well as modulation and manners – all ingredients that spell SUCCESS! We constantly and continually update and upgrade our curriculum to meet the need of the hour. Therefore our mantra is INNOVATION and our area of expertise, CREATIVE WRITING!

So whether you have a BOISTEROUS BRAT at hand or a CHARMING CHERUB, we welcome your little darlings with open arms as we have something exceptional to offer to each one!