The ideal approach to reading is a proper balance of phonic and sight vocabulary – a method adopted by Brainy Brats to make your child an independent and confident reader. Our Reading Programmes comprise of challenging reading material that compel little minds to think, thus putting their grey matter to use at an impressionable age.

'The Reading Enhancement Course' is classified into:

'The Early Reading Programme' (ERP) and 

'The Reading Development Programme'. (RDP)

In these exceptional programmes, we @ BRAINY BRATS:

~ Enhance children's elocution and oratorical skills

~ Facilitate their evolution into independent readers and make them develop an affinity for reading

~ Acquaint them with phonics as well as sight reading 

~ Enrich their vocabulary tremendously

~ Familiarize them with synonyms, sentence structure, grammar concepts, paragraph writing and comprehension

~ Equip them to speak in grammatically correct English

~ Tickle their grey cells with fun-filled activities

~ Help them spell confidently and impeccably

~ Bolster their confidence for standing out in a crowd

~ Instil values in them through stories

~ Help them develop a scintillating personality!

The children are essentially groomed to take up the 'Creative Writing Programme' in the near future.