Our one-of-a-kind flagship programme will help your little darling think out of the box while improving his/her diction tremendously. This course will also polish his/her personality in order to make people sit up and take notice of your young one. This programme consists of 8 progressive levels that take our Brainy Brats systematically and methodically through this odyssey of learning.

      In Levels 1-5, we @ BRAINY BRATS:

      • Enrich children's vocabulary immensely and perfect their pronunciations. 
      • Develop their reading skills tremendously.
      • Groom children to communicate in grammatically correct English.
      • Provide creative stimulation for essays, letters and stories.
      • Lay emphasis on impressive idioms and phenomenal phrases.
      • Teach them top-secret methods to construct riveting sentences and thereby enthral their readers.
      • Enlighten them about literary devices such as alliteration, simile, exaggeration, euphemism, etc. 
      • Equip them to think out of the box.
      • Transform them into articulate and eloquent speakers.
      • Boost their confidence and help shed their inhibitions.
      • Help children develop a dazzling personality.
      • Inculcate values through Character Curriculum and much more!

      In Levels 6-8, we @ BRAINY BRATS:

      • Familiarise children with SAT and GRE word lists. 
      • Enhance their oratorical skills and transform them into spellbinding public speakers.
      • Improve their writing abilities tremendously. 
      •  Bolster their confidence for future endeavours such as GROUP DISCUSSIONS and PERSONAL INTERVIEWS.
      • Enlighten them about loan words, etymology, literary devices and idioms. 
      • Introduce them to the works of formidable writers. 
      • Teach them to think on their feet.
      • Groom them to take on the challenges of life with panache!