We chose the name 'Brainy Brats®' as we wish to channelize our children's inner brat to a more useful, innovative activity. In the process of fun and frolic along with developmental learning, our brats further progress in terms of their brainy side too.  
Last but not least, who isn't fond of alliteration?
Brainy Brats was conceived and conceptualized to make it possible for children to fall in love with English language. English is gaining more momentum with each passing day and has certainly become the global tongue. We, at Brainy Brats, believe that impressive English language skills go a long way in spelling success for our students, their academic stream notwithstanding. Our aim is to prepare our Brainy Brats to face the challenges of the world head on. Thus, we equip them with techniques and talents, vocabulary and values as well as modulation and manners – all ingredients that spell SUCCESS! 
The courses conducted at Brainy Brats include:
  • Early Reading / Phonetic Reading (Kindergarten)
  • Reading Development (Class 1)
  • Creative Writing, Levels 1 through Advanced (Classes 2 to 10)
  • Conversation Enhancement (Kindergarten and Class 1)
  • Handwriting Enhancement (Workshops for all ages)
  • Elementary / Intermediate / Advanced English courses for Adults
At Brainy Brats, we foster and nurture our students’ English Language Development through new techniques.  We employ innovative yet scientific methods to improve their communication and creative writing skills. Our curriculum, which is developed and continuously upgraded for more than a decade and a half, promotes extensive learning and instills the love of English through its fun-filled approach. 
The Brainy Brats Benefits are summarized below:
  • Makes your child an articulate speaker
  • Instills love of extensive reading
  • Automates use of grammatically correct sentences
  • Makes your child stand out due to an impressive vocabulary
  • Makes concepts in grammar clear and easy to understand
  • Boosts confidence at poetry recitals and elocution contests
  • Rids your child of any inhibitions related to English language while improving composition skills
Brainy Brats does not conduct school-syllabus-oriented courses. The objective of all courses at Brainy Brats is to hone the holistic English language development of the child. The curriculum at Brainy Brats far exceeds the levels of the existing English language curricula of most schooling faculties. The lessons at Brainy Brats are imparted to the students with the view to aid retention of the learnt concepts and vocabulary, which in turn take the performance at school several notches higher.
As an avid reader, your child would further benefit as a Brainy Brat. We work assiduously on the expansion of one’s vocabulary, which enables enhanced comprehension and reading ability.
Whereas most speech and drama courses enhance spoken English ability, Brainy Brats works towards holistic English language development. About a thousand new words are introduced at each level in a manner that ensures retention and application of those words.
The reading, conversation and creative writing classes are conducted once a week for an entire year. The duration of the class may vary anytime between 90 and 120 minutes. The Handwriting course is a short but rigorous programme that is conducted for consecutive eight days.
Though your child can directly enroll at a higher level, the courses at Brainy Brats should be taken based on an evaluation of the child’s developmental need.